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How to Become A Niche Writer

Making the choice to become a freelance writer is easy, choosing which type of writer to become is the hard part. Focusing on a single subject makes you a niche writer, but many freelancers prefer variety. It’s debatable which method is best, as it is really the writer’s preference. Refer to the guide below to become a successful niche writer.

Decide on a Niche

To decide on a topic, niche writers consider subjects they enjoy writing about. This is important as niche writers work on several articles about one topic. It is easier to produce quality content if the subject interests the writer.

It is important to pick a niche that offers various aspects to cover. To be successful niche writers must consistently come up with new material. A variety of quality content on a subject will generate profits.

Become an Expert

Successful niche writers know their niche inside and out. They are essentially experts in the field. The more knowledge they have on a topic, the more valuable they are to their clients.

Niche writers charge more for their services because they are experts on the subject. The medical field provides a great metaphor for this. Specialists can charge more than general practitioners because they offer medical expertise. This applies to writers as well.

Combine Services

Once a niche writer has mastered a topic they can combine services that work well together. Successful niche writers specialize in a service, as well as a topic. For example if producing copywriting material is a specialty, offer clients all the material they need to launch their product.

There is more to becoming a niche writer than selecting a topic. Becoming an expert on a topic takes extensive research and a lot of hard work. Use the fundamentals above to decide if niche writing is the right choice.


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3 Common Freelance Writing Mistakes

Freelance writers have the freedom to schedule their own hours, work from home and if successful  earn a great living. It is natural when first starting out to make mistakes, as they learn success takes more than just great research and writing. Avoid these 3 common freelance writing mistakes to help you achieve success.

Rates Too Low

Many new freelance writers initially set low rates intending to raise them later. They do this to secure their first writing jobs and build their portfolio. This is a common freelance writing mistake as increasing rates is not an easy task. Current clients will not suddenly pay more for your services.

Charge appropriately for the time spent on each project. Avoid spending hours on an assignment that pays very little. You are the only one who knows what your time is worth, don’t sell yourself short.

Failure to Market

Failing to market is one common freelance writing mistake that can control whether you succeed in the business. Develop a marketing strategy and be sure to follow it. Determine how much time to spend marketing and be sure to follow it.

Freelancers constantly send out pitch letters. Blogging, cold calling and sales letters are just a few examples of different pitch letters to send out. Consider the pitch letter as your job application, without it, your chances of getting hired are low.

Give Up Too Quickly

Many freelancers make the mistake of giving up too quickly due to their misconception that success will come easy. The reality is success will not come over night. Patience, long hours and a lot of hard work is necessary to reach your goals, but don’t give up they are attainable.

Avoiding these common freelance writing mistakes may not guarantee success but it will help. Learn from your mistakes and enjoy the many benefits of a freelance writing career. Only you control your level of success.

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