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Freelancers Guide to Getting Paid

The days of relying on a client’s word or a simple handshake to seal the deal are over. This is a sad reality for freelancers, as we must take precautionary measures to make sure we get paid. Most clients will send payment, even if it is late. But, sadly there are a few who won’t. Use this guide to help you get paid for all of your freelancing work.

Prepare a Contract

This point cannot be stressed enough. It is very important for freelancers to have contracts for most of their projects. Include the following details in the contract.

  • Specific details breaking down the work involved.
  • Deadline.
  • Method of payment (paypal, bank transfer, etc.)
  • Amount due upon project completion.
  • Any milestones or retainers.

When both parties are in agreement about the above mentioned items, both should sign and date the contract. Make sure to keep a copy for future reference.

Request a Retainer/Milestone

Some freelance projects are larger than others and  may require a retainer and/or milestone. For large-scale projects requesting such, is not unreasonable. They also guarantee a freelancer receives at least some money for their work, if at the end of the project the client decides not to send payment.

Come to a consensus with the client about the amount of money that will be due before commencing work on the project or half-way through it. The retainer or milestone collected mid-project will come off the balance owing upon completion.

In a world less trustworthy than in the past, it is important to protect ourselves. Using a contract and/or requesting a retainer will help make sure a freelancer receives payment. Once the freelancer establishes a good working relationship, they might choose to work differently with their clients.



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How to Become A Niche Writer

Making the choice to become a freelance writer is easy, choosing which type of writer to become is the hard part. Focusing on a single subject makes you a niche writer, but many freelancers prefer variety. It’s debatable which method is best, as it is really the writer’s preference. Refer to the guide below to become a successful niche writer.

Decide on a Niche

To decide on a topic, niche writers consider subjects they enjoy writing about. This is important as niche writers work on several articles about one topic. It is easier to produce quality content if the subject interests the writer.

It is important to pick a niche that offers various aspects to cover. To be successful niche writers must consistently come up with new material. A variety of quality content on a subject will generate profits.

Become an Expert

Successful niche writers know their niche inside and out. They are essentially experts in the field. The more knowledge they have on a topic, the more valuable they are to their clients.

Niche writers charge more for their services because they are experts on the subject. The medical field provides a great metaphor for this. Specialists can charge more than general practitioners because they offer medical expertise. This applies to writers as well.

Combine Services

Once a niche writer has mastered a topic they can combine services that work well together. Successful niche writers specialize in a service, as well as a topic. For example if producing copywriting material is a specialty, offer clients all the material they need to launch their product.

There is more to becoming a niche writer than selecting a topic. Becoming an expert on a topic takes extensive research and a lot of hard work. Use the fundamentals above to decide if niche writing is the right choice.


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