“Lynda worked for my company for almost a year and I couldn’t have asked for a better employee! In fact, she re-wrote the rule book for me on what an employee could be and offer. I originally hired Lynda as a part-time writer/journalist and before I knew it she had made herself invaluable to me. She produced original content that was fresh and well written and on a variety of subjects.

Incredibly pleased and impressed, she became my editor-in-chief and brilliantly managed a team of approximately ten writers. Lynda was dependable, hard working, and extremely nice. One of her best qualities is her ability to think independently and run with the ball. She ‘gets it,’ understanding immediately what is asked from her and then over-delivering. I highly, highly recommend Lynda!   – Benjy Myers, Famous Creative

“I worked with Lynda for a few months on various sites that write about current TV Shows, such as www.gossip-girl-episodes.comwww.watch-glee.com and www.watch-hart-of-dixie.com. She was my editor and a writer herself and I really enjoyed working with her. Lynda is incredibly organized and takes care of her writers, sending E-Mails every week to touch base, give tips on improvements and giving updates on the most recent news regarding the sites the writers work for. She most definitely kept me busy, and when I received a new E-Mail from her, entailing an exciting project or words of praise, I was so happy. Within weeks Lynda and I had developed a great working relationship, and I can safely say that she is my favorite Editor thus far that has worked with me.
Most recently Lynda had the task of helping build a new site. This is where she gave me more opportunities to write and allow me to be part of a wonderful experience, letting my Fashion reviews run wild. I wish Freelance Writing Hints all the best and really hope that we can work together again soon. – Julietta Tschudi, Fashion Writer